Vice President of BIA

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Stanislav Popdonchev holds a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

He is a certified consultant in optimization of organizational systems and processes in line with REFA Germany methodology. 

Since 2003 he is monitoring BIA’s financial and accounting activities, initially as a financial director of “BIC Capital Market” Ltd and as of 2017, as a chief financial director of BIA. Member of the Consultative Council, established by the Executive Director of the National Revenue agency. Member of WG 27 “Financial control and accountancy”, established within the Council for European affairs, managed by the Ministry of finance. 

Since July 1, 2019 he has been appointed Deputy Chairman of BIA, responsible for the organization’s project and economic activities and as well as the participation of BIA’s representatives in the national institutional framework for governance of EU Structural funds.
As a Deputy Chairman, Mr. Popdonchev is monitoring BIA’s activities, carried out by the Projects management Center, the National competence assessment center, the Center for Vocational training and qualification and the Center for Information and communication technologies training.

During the course of his professional occupation, he has gained an extensive experience in consulting companies in the drawing business plans, credit and financial rationales, optimizing organizational systems and processes etc. He is also experienced in project managent under Operational Programmes "Competitiveness", "Administrative Capacity" and "Human Resources Development".

Mr. Popdonchev is fluent in English.

Married, with one child.