Program "Economic and Financial Affairs" at the Center "Entrepreneurship" at BIA prepares analyzes and macroeconomic studies on the state of the economy, its specific sectors or on specific economic problems.

Some of the fundamental analyses and research of the Programme include the following:

  • Companies’ indebtedness from the non-financial economic sector, including intra-company indebtedness
  • Labour productivity and remuneration levels
  • Regulatory regimes in Bulgaria          
  • Business climate indexes
  • Evaluation of the Bulgarian economy’s competitiveness and possibilities to boost it.

The analyses and research help BIA in:

  • Developing positions and proposals on the country’s economy and economic policies
  • Withstanding the business and industry’s interests within the social dialogue with the government, trade unions and various public organizations.

Due to this activity BIA has proved as one of the leading centers for macroeconomic research and analyses for the past 20 years in Bulgaria.

The Economic and financial issues Programme at BIA offers the following services:

  • Analyses and macroeconomic research;
  • Training courses and consultations in the field of investment policies, energy efficiency, public procurement, preparation and implementation of European funded projects etc.

Ivan Ivanov

Chief Expert

Maya Hristova

Chief Expert