The legal advisers at BIA offer highly qualified legal aid both to the association itself and to its members and partners. The center prepares expert positions on regulation which directly impacts employers’ interests.


  • Consultations on current company legal issues;
  • Preparing documents for company registration and entry into the commercial register;
  • Legal aid in realizing investments in Bulgaria;
  • Carrying out a company legal analysis;
  • Consultation in labour law;
  • Drawing up contracts in line with the Obligations and Contracts Act and the Commerce Act;
  • Consultations and preparation of documents for setting up nonprofit organizations under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities;
  • Issuing internationally valid force majeure certificates. The certificate grants an enterprise protection when damages are incurred due to insurmountable force and under agreement clauses on discharge of liability for delaying or failing to perform a commercial deal due to force majeure circumstances.

Types of legal services:  

  • upon subscription;
  • in case of need with the price being open to negotiation. 

Nataliya Sabeva

Chief Legal Adviser

Theodora Ikonomova

Legal advisor