The Clean Industry Center facilitates the dialogue between the administration and business regarding the implementation of regulatory requirements for decreasing environmental impacts and increasing the efficiency and the productivity.

The center proposes expert opinions on bills concerning the environment and asserts their adoption and implementation by the executive and legislative powers.    

The experts at the center participate in national consultative councils, working groups and committees with various ministries and institutions.

The team assists the implementation of best available practices and technologies in the separate economic sectors, including the so-called “clean production”.

The Clean Industry Centre offers the following services:

  • Financial evaluations of eco-damages
  • Training courses and consultations in:
    • Developing environment management systems (ISO 14001 and ЕМАS);
    • Developing sustainable production plans;
    • Implementing legislative requirements related to chemical usage, climate change, waste managements, air, water pollution etc.;
    • Determining carbon footprint of production activities;
  • Information on European requirements and good practices concerning environment by issuing a regular e-newsletter entitled Industry and Environment directed towards managers and experts from enterprises, sector and regional industrial organizations.