The Entrepreneurship Center includes the following programs:

  1. Economic and financial issues
  2. Science and Innovation, Economics 4.0
  3. Regulatory environment
  4. Company law. Competition
  5. SMEs
  6. Energy and climate
  7. Regional development and infrastructure. Transport
  8. Tourism
  9. Agriculture and forestry

The activity of the center aims to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in Bulgaria, easing the regulatory environment and business conditions. For this purpose the Center:

  • Participates in the work of national bodies and institutions, including interdepartmental working groups, advisory councils, Monitoring Committees, etc .;
  • Prepares proposals for changes in the regulations;
  • Develops manuals, methodological tools, etc.
  • Organizes discussions, seminars and other trainings;
  • Provides individual consulting services.

The policy areas and problem areas included in the functional responsibilities of the center are:

  • Internal market, competition, public procurement, state aid
  • Investments, PPP, state enterprises
  • Technological development, research and innovation, competitiveness
  • Digitization and Industry 4.0
  • Standardization, certification, accreditation
  • Energy, energy efficiency and energy market
  • Climate and environment
  • State administration, budget
  • Taxes and finances
  • Accounting policy
  • Statistics
  • SMEs and entrepreneurship
  • Transport
  • Agro sector, food and beverage industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Regional development and cohesion

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship is Silvia Todorova.

Silviya Todorova

Director Entrepreneurship Center