The Public Relations Center maintains BIA’s contacts with different interested parties such the media, community, governmental institutions, NGOs, members and employees of BIA.

Its main objective is to facilitate communication with everyone who is interested in BIA’s activities and goals, as well as to provide the public with up-to-date and timely information about the initiatives, positions and priorities of the association.

The Public Relations Center activities can be separated in several groups:

  • Collecting, analyzing and summarizing information which could be of interest to BIA’s team and members;
  • Preparing online newsletters on key topics and fields;
  • Organizing press conferences and other public events;
  • Conducting specialized training courses in communication skills etc.
  • Maintaining contacts with parties interested in BIA’s activities, including the media
  • Maintaining BIA’s corporate web-channels, including the official website, social media groups, project and initiatives websites etc.

Gergana Gizdina

Public Relations Expert

Gergana Prokopova

Expert Protocol

Mina Mihaylovska-Vladimirova

Expert, Event Management