Date: 03.10.2016

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Bulgarian Industrial Association is a partner of the TV project “Undercover Boss”. Its second season is going to be broadcasted by Nova Television at the beginning of 2017. The Bulgarian edition of the world popular TV show started in the spring of 2016 and was the highest rated television program, which is a proof of its quality.

In the first season eight managers took on the adventure to find out how their companies work from the inside. In Season Two 12 managers will have this opportunity. They are going to work in their companies, disguised as ordinary employees. Their goal is:

  • To find out how exactly their business is working
  • To show modern manager mind and approach
  • To draw their team closer together
  • To show that their company is a good place to work
  • To strengthen the reputation of their company.



Participation in this kind of projects has a very positive effect on companies and their managers or owners.

The price for participating is three times lower than identical prime-time presence and has significantly bigger added value than regular advertising.

The price includes expenditures on survey, preparation, recording, montage and broadcasting as well as product placement taxes.

Investing in PR such as the participation in “Undercover Boss” has a bigger and more long-lasting effect and economic return than those which a one-minute advertisement can offer.

The companies, who participated in the first season reported an increase of sales just a few days after the broadcast.


If you would like to participate in “Undercover boss”

you can contact the producer of the show – Yavor Popov

via phone: 0899 977 114 or e-mail:

or you can contact  BIA’s press center via phone: 02 932 09 28  or e-mail: