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Acad. Stefan Vodenitcharov is Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 2013, and Deputy-Director and Head of scientific section „Technologies and protection systems” at the Academician Angel Balevski Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Center for Hydro- and Aerodynamics at BAS.

He is a member of the Board of BIA since 25 April 2014 and was previously Chairman of the Economic Policy at BIA. Stefan Vodenitcharov was born on 1 September 1944. Graduated from the Technical University - Sofia with a degree in "Metal Technology". He completed his PhD – Methods of inspection and testing of materials, products and devices, in 1974.

Doctor of Technical Sciences – Materials science and technology of mechanical engineering materials since 1988. A

Author of more than 70 patents and over 160 publications. Head of 207 research projects and 21 research in the field of Energy and Defence. Participate as an expert in national and international organizations. Registered in the Golden Book of the inventors of the Patent Office (Sofia) 2006.