A young lawyer, investment banker, financial columnist and retail investor (focus on macro opportunities and exponential technologies). Over the course of my work, he has demonstrated savviness for solving multiple issues (business model, regulatory, strategy, financial etc.) in a variety of industries – renewable energy, venture capital, banking, healthcare etc. He has been featured as an analyst in some of the leading media outlets covering politics and finance: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Investor.bg, The Market Mogul, Bulgaria on Air TV and TV Europa.

Core strengths:
Legal: Regulatory reporting, litigation management, MIFID compliance, asset acquisitions/divestitures, insight into global and local tax, capital markets, banking and copyright legislation;

Finance: M&A, valuations (DCF, multiples, precedent transactions, NAV), KPI reporting, offshore banking, alternative investments, buy & build and restructuring strategies for distressed/complementary assets and orphan brands;

Compliance and risk management: Forensic accounting, uncovering beneficial ownership, investigations, AML, CTF, KYC, embargo and sanctions compliance, Customer Due Diligence requirements as per 4AML Directive, Patriot Act and FATF standards.