Date: 19.12.2016

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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A slight improvement in the assessment of business climate show the results of the 12th annual survey of the Bulgarian Industrial Association “The year through the eyes of business”.

The survey reports on moderate optimism for 2017, which, however, is overshadowed by the dissatisfaction with the work of institutions, concerns about growth rates, tax and regulatory burden.

The respondents emphasize mainly on the problems with labor force, including the need of investment in life-long training of human resources and wage growth, which is based on achieved satisfactory levels of skills and competences.

The state of Bulgarian companies also improves. While in 2015 the percentage of declared improvement of the corporate state is only 12%, in 2016 every third respondent gives a positive assessment. Still, however, the part of companies with deteriorating performance indicators remains high (35%).

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