Date: 15.12.2016


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“If the crazy spending of public means for ineffective investments stops and conditions for attracting of foreign investors are created, Bulgaria can reach an economic growth of 5,6% to 6% in 2017”, said the Executive President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), Mr. Bojidar Danev in an interview for the Bulgarian News Agency.

According to Mr. Danev foreign investments could be mobilized even with the development of infrastructural projects. “I don’t see why Bulgaria has to spend BGN 200 million for the development of an electronic toll-system, when one in Hungary already exists and which has been working successfully for many years, we just can transfer the technology to Bulgaria.”

“The main triggers of economic development in Bulgaria in 2017 are expected to be the mechanical engineering, electronics, technologies and tourism sectors”, says the Executive President of the BIA.

He shared the opinion that if a complete reorganization of the agriculture sector is made, it can make a change in the economic growth of our country. “The agriculture sector todays is at the same stage it was in 1970 in terms of manufacturing and diversification of produce – the main base of our food industry and tourism.”

“There are thousands of job vacancies at the moment, which cannot be filled.” Mr. Danev also said that the BIA will insist on easing the import of workers from abroad.

Our labour market doesn’t have qualified and skilled specialists and is short of human resources, suitable for the modern economy. The economic sectors, which are experiencing deficits are mechanical engineering, electronics, IT, tourism.  

In terms of political events next year Danev pointed out that the most important thing for the Bulgarian business is that all institutions stop being dependent on political shifts. "What is happening in Bulgaria, pretty much reminds me of some Latin American saga, the change of government doesn’t have to interfere with the business", said Mr. Danev.