The Association of the Organizations of Bulgarian Employers (AOBE), in which the BICA, the BIA and the BCCI are members invited the nationally representative trade unions CITUB and Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa”, to start negotiations about a mechanism for determination of minimum wage and the level of minimum wage for 2017.

The invitation derives from the fact that the minimum wage is estimated at BGN 460 in Bulgaria’s tax legislation for 2017 but this level is not consulted with the social partners.

According to employers’ organizations the growth of minimum wage of 9.5% (from BGN 420 to BGN 460) does not lie on objective economic reasons and does not consider factors such as inflation, labor productivity, employment and GDP dynamics.

Employers’ organizations will be expecting their social partners on the 24th of October (Monday) at 16:00 or on the 26th of October (Wednesday) at 10:00 on the premises of the BCCI. 

Date: 20.10.2016

Source: Association of Bulgarian employers' organizations

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