The Bulgarian Industrial Association has declared its unequivocal disagreement, fears and deep concern over the premature and ill-considered agreement within the framework of the so-called Trialogue on Amendments to the Posting of Workers Directive. In this regard, BIA expresses full support for the official negative positions of the most representative organization of the business and industry in the EU - BussinessEurope.

The preliminary agreement between the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the EC and the EP is based on the principle "Equal pay for the same job in the same place" instead of an objective and economically fair market principle "Equal pay for the same work of the same place creating the same added value ".

The agreement reached ignores in an unacceptable way the substantial differences in the final added value generated by the different place in the value and supply chains of the main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services, temporary work agencies, etc., as well as the wide cascading, dominating and subordinate contractual relationships between the various actors in the Single European Market.

The limitation of the posting period for workers of up to 12 months with the possibility of extending to 18 months clearly does not meet the interests of EU businesses, the need to improve competitiveness in the context of worsening global competition and unfair trade practices initiated by third countries .

Practically, the long-term mobility of the workforce in industry, business services and the so-called outsourcing of activities and functions carried out by posted workers is being banned, ignoring the fact that undeclared work and violations of labor and social security legislation in these sectors have a very limited, marginal nature.

The business and employment of Eastern European enterprises, posting workers to carry out activities and services in the EU Member States, is placed at an unjustified risk, further promoting the emigration of a skilled workforce, blocking opportunities to accumulate missing practical skills, adopting modern business models, improving the competitiveness of local businesses and sectors, and accelerating convergence in productivity and incomes.

BIA is concerned about the hasty arrangement for the posting of workers in the EU
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