CSR: Training, consulting, marketing and implementation of initiatives

BIA has a clear understanding that the investment community decides important issues and potential for business development and entrepreneurship in the country.

In order to apply the fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 1999 launched the Global Compact - a voluntary initiative bringing together companies, UN agencies, labor unions, business and nongovernmental organizations to support sustainable growth and civic responsibility. Ten Principles of the Global Compact initiative aimed at implementing responsible business practices in the field of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption.

In Bulgaria, the Global Compact was created in 2003 under the aegis of President Georgi Parvanov. Since then the vision of the Global Compact has been adopted by more than 120 companies and NGOs, including the BIA.

With the end of the support of UNDP-Bulgaria, the Global Compact Network in Bulgaria needed to identify and formulate a strategy for sustainability. As a result, in 2010 20 leading companies and organizations founded the Association "Bulgarian Global Compact." The Association is managed by the National Board, chaired by Sasho Dontchev ("Overgas Inc"). From 2011 the new official member of the association is BIA.

The experts at BIA dealing with CSR issues carry out the following activities and services:

  • Setting out the CSR objectives and priorities of BIA;
  • Communicating social responsibility principles and raising awareness of the its importance among BIA’s members;
  • Assisting BIA’s members in the decision-taking process concerning investments in the community;
  • Planning, marketing, and implementing CSR initiatives and campaigns of BIA and its members;
  • Collecting, summarizing and distributing information about CSR initiatives to BIA’s members;
  • Conducting CSR training courses for individuals, entrepreneurs, employees, state and nongovernmental experts, PR specialists etc.


Kamen Kolev – Vice President of BIA

Address: 1000 Sofia, 16-20, Alabin Str.
Telephone: +3592 932 09 37
E-mail: kamen@bia-bg.com

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