Date: 11.08.2014

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We, the members of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, are committed by people living not only from the floods tragedy in Moesia. Our anger caused by the suffering who bear a large part of the Bulgarians in recent months, is large and we unhesitatingly know where to navigate. But first it is necessary to do everything possible to help our serial abandoned to their fate countrymen to deal more quickly with the consequences of the disaster. 
It wrote Chairman of the Board of the BIA Sasho Donchev in a letter to the companies, branch, regional and local organizations that are members of the BIA. 
Bulgarian Industrial Association, along with the Central Cooperative Union, organized a campaign to raise funds that will be directed solely to purchase essentials - bottled water, durable, nerazvalyashti is packaged food, canned food, blankets, sleeping bags and more. 
BIA and CCU have already made the first step, bringing more than 15,000 liters of mineral water to destitute households. 
Members of the BIA and everyone can help the people of the affected region by making a monetary donation to the bank account of the Central Cooperative Union, opened specially for Humanitarian action: 
IBAN: BG 46 TEXI 9545 1000 08 6400 
Entrepreneurs who want to make a material donation can contact the BIA headquarters of the below phone numbers to get more information. 
Purchased with donations of basic necessities will be delivered by the Central Cooperative Union to the regions of the tragedy. 
After Completion of the Bulgarian Industrial Association will publish information on the amount of funds raised, as well as a list of products that have been purchased and delivered to them.