European business engagement in the Conference on the Future of Europe

On Monday 9 May, Schuman Day, the Conference on the Future of Europe will officially close with a hand-over ceremony of 49 proposals to the Presidents of the 3 EU institutions.

 As a member of the Conference on the Future of Europe, BusinessEurope has engaged constructively to facilitate fair and realistic compromises that consider citizens’ proposals while keeping in mind the necessity to maintain the EU’s economic strength which is the foundation for a prosperous future for all. In this context, we welcome the proposal for a competitiveness check aimed at ensuring that future legislative proposals are growth and employment-friendly. BusinessEurope and its members also support more efficient decision-making in foreign policy to strengthen Europe’s voice in the world. This can be realised within the framework of the existing treaties.

 BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said:

“The participative process and broad exchanges with citizens throughout the Conference on the Future of Europe have led to a large number of proposals. We call on political leaders to keep in mind that the future of Europe and of our cherished European way of life depends on the ability to maintain our economic strength and competitiveness. For BusinessEurope, the proposals related to competitiveness checks, more efficient decision-making in foreign policy, the defence of rules-based multilateral trade and a stronger European single market are crucial to have a prosperous common future.”

Date: 09.05.2022

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