Ivana Radomirova, Executive Director of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (member of BIA).

 Innovations are what will help the brewing industry after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The cost per unit of product is much lower for companies that have introduced innovations. The "smart" business is prepared and can withstand these unforeseen and force majeure reasons. This was stated by Ivana Radomirova, Executive Director of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria, in Bloomberg TV’s "In Development" hosted by Veronika Denizova.

Radomirova commented on the problems facing the sector. She noted that there was tension at the beginning of the war as some companies imported glass packaging from Ukraine. This has been overcome, but expectations are still not positive, it became clear from the conversation.

"The industry both in our country and globally is facing very big challenges. At the moment there is no shortage of any materials and raw materials that hinder the work of companies, especially since we are at the beginning of the peak season, when 60% of the beer in the country is provided".

According to Radomirova, each company decides for itself what the prices of beer are, and the latest statistics show a slight increase.

"There is still no analysis and forecast at the industry level of how the industry will develop as a whole. It is certainly known that whenever there is inflation and pressure on households, it undoubtedly affects sales."

According to the guest, the concerns about the energy supply of the sector are somewhat alleviated by the measures of the companies regarding the circular economy and the many investments already made in the field.

"There is diversification. It is not enough to compensate for the need for gas, but we are working in these directions anyway."

Radomirova noted that the export of Bulgarian beer is not expected to be affected by the war, as Russia and Ukraine are not markets in which our country is active.

Another topic that the expert commented on is the initiative "Plastic Pact Bulgaria", which aims to reduce plastic waste in our country.

Date: 12.04.2022

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