The leaders of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) and branch organizations, members of the Association, met today with the Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov and his team. The meeting was initiated by business representatives and hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint the MoEW team with the CRIC - Circular Economy initiative, implemented jointly by BIA and interested industry organizations, as well as with the Plastic Pact Bulgaria - an initiative to be officially launched in the spring of this year. During the meeting, an invitation was extended to Minister Sandov to support the Plastic Pact Bulgaria and to become a patron of the initiative.

In his speech at the opening of the meeting, BIA President Dobri Mitrev stressed that the Association is the most proactive employers' organization, which systematically and thoroughly works on environmental issues and supports business in the transition to a circular economy. "In 2021 at the Center for Clean Industry of BIA, together with Denkstadt Bulgaria, was created the initiative CRIC - a professional community uniting responsible business - industry organizations and companies to support the transition to a circular economy and achieve real measurable results in the introduction of European legislation, improving resource efficiency, extending the life of products, reducing waste generated per unit of GDP, achieving national targets for reducing landfills and will assist in the implementation of new business models", said the president of BIA.

Representatives of business organizations expressed expectation that the dialogue with the MoEW will become more efficient and dynamic. "We are all here on our own initiative, not under pressure and because of regulatory barriers. We are looking for dialogue, we expect support for responsible business with a commitment to the environment," said the president of BIA Dobri Mitrev.

For his part, Minister Sandov stressed that he is seeking dialogue and finds in today's meeting an opportunity to intensify cooperation.

Participants in the meeting:

  • MoEW - Minister Borislav Sandov, Deputy Minister Nikolay Sidjimov and Chief of Staff Georgi Stefanov;
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association - Dobri Mitrev (President of the Board), Iliana Pavlova and Vladimir Dimitrov (Clean Industry Center);
  • Denkstadt Bulgaria - Boyan Rashev and Nikolay Mihailov;
  • Association of Soft Drink Producers in Bulgaria - Jana Velichkova;
  • Food and Drink Association - Yana Ivanova;
  • Union of Brewers in Bulgaria - Ivana Radomirova and representatives of the brewing companies "Zagorka" (Silvia Kavalska), "Kamenitza" (Radostina Hadjiyska) and "Carlsberg" (Elina Tsankova);
  • Association for Modern Trade - Nikolay Valkanov;
  • Bulgarian Recovery and Recycling Association - Stefan Stefanov and Hristo Dikov;
  • Branch Association Polymers - Tsvetanka Todorova;
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry - Reni Kopendanova.

Date: 23.02.2022

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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