Date: 15.02.2021

Source: Association of Bulgarian employers' organizations

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The Association of Bulgarian Employers' Organizations (AOBE) discussed Bulgaria's priorities with BSP and DPS, toward which the 45th National Assembly should work to improve the country's economic and social environment. These were the first two meetings of the AOBE, which plans meetings with the leaders of all parties and coalitions, for which the sociological agencies predict success in upcoming elections.

The discussion was based on AOBR's priorities, with employers' organizations focusing on the immediate introduction of the e-government, maintaining the existing tax model, reducing the regulatory burden on business, reforms in the energy sector, including market liberalization and termination of contracts with the so-called "American headquarters", the overthrow of the administrative definition of the minimum wage, as well as the coordination of the admission plans in schools and universities by the requirements of the business.

Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen area; the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as the adoption of the euro are the three national priorities for ABEO, which are fundamental for improving the business environment in Bulgaria.

DPS Chairman Mustafa Karadayi described the meeting as extremely beneficial and said the two organizations had agreed to hold regular meetings after the election, as they resulted in finding problem-oriented solutions. "We found that over 90% of ABEO's priorities overlap with DPS's measures and policies. According to us, the next parliament must define national priorities, regardless of which the ruling party will be, and the business must support them if we want to achieve them and expedite our country towards economic growth, " Mustafa Karadayi explained. 

BSP presented its economic plan during the meeting with the employers' organizations. Cornelia Ninova asserted that the first thing the party will do is work for predictable and permanent legislation with an impact assessment. "For us, the rapid launch of e-government is extremely important and we used the opportunity during the meeting to present our views on the construction of 6 electronic registers, which will facilitate the citizens and the work of business. We discussed the overthrow of unnecessary fees and the introduction of a cost-covering element in determining them, as well as the possibility of decentralization and leaving part of the taxes in the municipalities, "she added.

The representatives of ABEO are unequivocal that regardless of the formations entering the next parliament, they should work on solving common problems both in economic and social aspects so that Bulgaria could grow and be more competitive. The ABEO expressed hope that the 45th National Assembly will discuss measures and policies that guarantee at least 6% growth of our economy.

The Cohesion Policies, the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, the Green Deal, and the possibilities for other important strategic projects were also among the discussed points with the two parties.

All attendees agreed they would take into account the expertise of the employers' organizations regarding their future projects.