While working, students in many countries receive theoretical training for what they do.

Learning through work is one of the ideas of the Ministry of Education, which aims to provide trained personnel for business. These are called. "dual system" in which learning takes place in the workplace. So while working, the student receives and theoretical knowledge that makes.

This system is applied in many parts of the world, the most characteristic is the education systems of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, explain NEWS7 director of the "Vocational Training" in the Bulgarian Industrial Association Daniela Simidchieva. For training the student or his guardians sign a contract with the school, as well as working and teaching, he receives payment, which can be a percentage of the salary that the holder of such a position would have received in the last year of training this amount could reaches 80%.

Businesses should again be involved as a partner in the vocational education and stop being a bystander in the process was clearly Simidchieva. On one hand, companies need to gain access to textbook writing, so that the programs are consistent with the real situation in industries. In her words should also be provided financial relief for the money that businesses would invest in education.

Current legislation does not allow this form of training will be needed changes, including the Labour Code.

Date: 10.01.2014

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