The Association of the organizations of Bulgarian employers sent a letter to the Prime Minister, the ministers of finance, economy and energy, the parliament and CEWR regarding the extension of the deadline and amount for compensation of high electricity prices for non-household consumers.

AOBE suggests:

  • A decision to be made to extend the validity of the Program for compensation of non-residential end customers of electricity for December 2021, and the amount of compensation to be updated to BGN 217/MWh.
  • To update the model of structure and size of specific price components, such as to allow adequate estimated price - for a regulated and free market; not to transfer excess profits to individual traders; compensation of overprices for non-household consumers.
  • Creation of an exchange platform through which consumers, who meet certain energy intensity criteria can bid for long-term contracts.

The standpoint is supported by 149 nationally representative branch organizations.

AOBE insists for extension of the term for compensation for the high prices of electricity
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