The main priority of the Association of Bulgarian Employers' Organizations is to create and maintain a good business climate. A good business climate by definition means balancing the interests of all participants. Over the past decade, there has been a clear imbalance that has become unhealthy for the economy of Bulgaria.

It is disproportionate to the importance and the number of influences of a handful of "nature conservationists" who, in the name of their vague interests, stop any more significant investment intention. They are ready to stop, and are currently doing so successfully, investment intentions for hundreds of millions, which would lead to serious economic growth and a gradual exit of Bulgaria from the "poorest country in Europe" category. Transportation infrastructure ceases, mining is stopped, construction of sports and technical facilities is stopped. All this is done with obvious offenses, suggestions, misinformation and manipulation of public opinion.

It is no longer just about ski, second lift, winter tourism, and about the economy of Bulgaria as a whole. The racket is subjected to sectors such as metallurgy, mining and geology, construction, transport, tourism (summer and winter), which is becoming a systemic risk for our country and ourselves.

No referendums such as the one in Tran or the General Toshevo municipality of Dobrudja could "solve" the fate of Bulgaria's economy. Here is where to turn to those politicians who are trying to get on the referendum crest that it is a game of fire. The double standard is not a solution - if Tran is a true solution, then tomorrow in Bansko there will be not two but twelve, but why not twenty new lift.

We turn to the institutions to which the government is entrusted by the Constitution and call upon them:

  • To continue the legislative policy against the "green racketeering" successfully launched with the amendments to the Environmental Act, as the one-appeal appeal to the EIA covers not only the objects of national importance but also the class "A" investments and the objects of primary municipal significance;
  • Continue investing in ski tourism and building a second lift in Bansko in the spirit of the decision of the Council of Ministers of 28 December 2017;
  • To unblock the "lungs" of Vitosha Mountain and give it air, the new management plan for the Vitosha Nature Park will be adopted as a matter of urgency.
  • To draw up and implement in legislation a clear, accurate, measurable and verifiable criteria for the representativeness of environmental organizations - such as the law has imposed on the representativeness of the organizations of Bulgarian employers and workers 'and employees' organizations.

Let us make the observance of the law above all - as it is in the European Union, which we have the honor of presiding at the moment.

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