Absorbed in our daily problems, related to the organization of production and sales, dealing with the personnel, etc., it is getting harder to manage to follow in detail the important problems facing the development of each business:

  • What are the latest trends of development in the country;
  • Is there a change in the market orientation;
  • Which are the most important groups of consumers;
  • What is the development of the top producers and dealers.

In response to the keen interest, demonstrated by a large number of companies, branch organizations, local and foreign analysts, etc., BIC Capital Market SP Ltd., a sole proprietorship, wholly-owned by the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), in cooperation with SFB Capital Market JSC, offering standardized industry reports on the development of production, import and export in the key sectors of Bulgarian economy.

The reports are prepared on a quarterly basis, both in Bulgarian and English language.

The reports are delivered within 120 days after the end of the reviewed quarter.

A broad report on a specific branch, not included in the standard programme of SFB Capital Market JSC, could also be ordered. This type of surveys/reports are delivered within 30 workdays after the order is received.

I .    ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FOR EU-28 AND EURO AREA (in the annual report)

2.1.    Gross Domestic Product
2.2.    Production
2.3.    Retail Trade
2.4.    Foreign Trade
2.5.    Foreign Direct Investments
2.6.    Employment
2.7.    Salaries and Income
2.8.    International Tourism
4.1.    Output (in the annual report)
4.2.    Manufacture of Main Products
V .     SALES
5.1.    Total Sales (only in the annual report)
5.2.    Domestic Market Sales
6.1.    Foreign Trade Balance
6.2.    Import
6.3.    Export
6.4.    Regional Markets (in the annual report)
8.1.    Profitability, Liquidity and Indebtedness of the Companies of the Non-Financial Sector (in the annual report)
8.2.    Profitability, Liquidity and Indebtedness of the Companies in the Sector (in the annual report)
8.3.    ISO; HACCP Certified Companies
8.4.    GS1 Members
8.5.    Competition - Leading Companies in the Sector by: Sales Revenue; Profit; Fixed Assets; Employees
8.6.    Public Companies in the Sector
(in the annual report)

Information on '4.1Production' and 'VII. Employeesand wages is not provided for sectorsWinemaking and Production of perfumery and cosmetic products  

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Company report order form


In case you would like to order an industry or company report, not included in the list of ready products, please fill in the FOLLOWING FORM. One of our officers will contact you, and confirm our ability to prepare the material you need, as well as the execution deadlines. 

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