Target groups

Local population, unemployed, graduates,students, SMEs and public authorities

Budget line
1 663 900,00 €
  • To establish a functional, flexible and permanent sustainable "support structure", to act as physical info-point supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship by exploiting the local scientific potential
  • To invest on human capital as one of the most valuable resources of the cross border area for promoting economic activities
  • To improve the skills of human capital and to match the needs of the enterprises of the specific regions by providing e-tools, as well as training courses
  • To stimulate entrepreneurship  to all economic sectors as a vehicle for economic and social cohesion
  • To undertake a large information activity towards the local and regional business community by producing useful material (guides, brochures, leaflets, etc.) for business people
  • To network research and economic activities so as to integrate innovation in the productive sectors of the economy

To foresee proactive initiatives in view of the forthcoming open labour market in the cross-border area.

  • Bulgarian Industrial Association /Bulgaria/
  • Bulgarian Management Association /Bulgaria/
  • Ministry Of Economy And Energy /Bulgaria/
  • Ministry Of Macedonia-Thrace /Greece/
  • Association Of Information Technology Companies Of Northern Greece
  • Greek International Business Association /Greece/
  • Development Institute Of Technology And Human Resources /Greece/

Business And Cultural Development Centre /Greece/

Kiril Zheliazkov
1784 Sofia133, Tzarigradsko Shose Blvd, BIC-IZOT Ltd., off. 284 Bulgaria
974 3976