The magazine of the Bulgarian Industrial Association "Noblesse Oblige" turns three years old today.

Its first issue was released on 22 March 2019, and so far there are ten. The 11th issue is to be published in May.

In these three years we have gone through many obstacles, but we have successfully overcome them and we already have a loyal audience that we hope to grow.

We met our readers with interesting and successful people in their field, with start-up and established entrepreneurs, with representatives of individual economic sectors and regions. We told dozens of success stories, but we also talked about current business problems.

We try to make each issue better than the previous one and we invest a lot of love and energy, which we hope will be visible to our readers.

Thanks to everyone who trusted us!

Thanks also to the people without whom Noblesse Oblige would not exist. First of all, it was Radosvet Radev who gave the idea and the name of the magazine and inspired the team. We can't help but thank the first enthusiasts and partners Konstantin Valkov, Denitsa Tomova, Albena Radeva, Dragomir Simeonov. We thank the designer Evtim Kalvachev, FoliArt printing house and the main team - Ani Alashka, Gergana Gizdina and Tsveti Semerdzhieva. Thanks to our authors, who are hard to list without missing anyone!

Date: 22.03.2022

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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