The collapse of international trade regimes, the raging global pandemic and the challenges to the European peace order have strained or even completely destroyed established supply chains. To meet these challenges, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) has launched an online platform.

The platform helps companies to maintain, restructure or replace the supply chains in which they have participated. The aim is to support European companies in providing the raw materials, parts, components and / or final goods or services they need to continue their business.

As a partner in EEN, the International Economic Relations Center at the Bulgarian Industrial Association can support business by:

  • Publishing offers for raw materials, parts, components and/or semi-finished products or services;
  • Encouraging incoming requests from European companies to maintain their supply chains;
  • Connecting international suppliers with buyers of goods and services.

What are the benefits for business?

  • Finding new business partners and identifying potential suppliers or buyers in order to provide supply chains;
  • Presentation of successful projects, innovative products and advanced technologies;
  • Establish cross-border contacts between businesses, industries, support organizations, academia, important stakeholders and key decision makers.

For more information and inclusion in the platform you can contact us at one of the following emails:

Date: 21.03.2022

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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