A difficult year for business in the conditions of COVID crisis and unclear political situation. This is shown by the interim data from a survey of the Bulgarian Industrial Association among companies in our country. Over 60% of the business believes that the condition of the company it manages has deteriorated this year. 20% see a positive change. Almost as many say that the situation is unchanged.

The survey found that many companies put people on vacation, stopped investing, and even stopped working for a while.

33% have laid off staff and just over 4% have managed to hire people.

Managers report that work has dropped by 60% and costs have increased. For example, electricity bills. If in a store of 400 sq.m. last year the bill was BGN 600, now it is BGN 2,500.

A survey among businesses in Bulgaria reports that over 80% of companies are extremely negative about the lack of political stability, lack of parliament and a regular cabinet, because this hinders the adoption of adequate measures regarding economic policies, said Maria Mincheva, Vice President of BIA.

From the next government, because of the COVID wave, the business expects the state to take part of the workers’ salaries, zero profit tax for two years, grants and elimination of municipal fees. Otherwise, companies will continue to cut costs, which will also affect their employees - especially those in the sectors most affected by the COVID wave.

Date: 14.11.2021

Source: bTV

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