Information day of the Association for Modern Trade (member of BIA) on the topic “Why retail chains are a preferred employer”

The digitalization of labor reporting procedures and documents will save time and money for employees, employers and the state administration and thus will generate a real increase in people’s incomes and the revenues of companies and the state budget. Additional effects will be reduction of the administrative burden on business, reduction of the gray sector in the economy and significant improvement of the security of storage of labor and social security information.

An important effect of the digitization of labor documents and processes will be the release of financial resources of companies and increase budget revenues. According to a study by the Bulgarian Association for People Management, at least one human resources specialist per 3,000 employees is needed to process and maintain employment records and files, or about BGN 6 million per year for salaries that will be saved. Another direct result of digitalization will be the restriction of shadow economy, which will lead to an increase in revenues from social security and taxes in the state budget.

This shows a survey of Association for modern trade on “Why retail chains are a preferred employer”, conducted in the period June-July 2021. The study involved Billa, Fantastico, Deichmann, dm, Mr. Bricolage, Kaufland, Lidl, T MARKET, ProMarket. The results of the survey were presented during a media event held on 13 October 2021.

The need for digitalization of labor law processes was also supported by the Vice President of BIA Maria Mincheva. According to her, “the future is in the digital world and it is no longer necessary to keep the information on paper, as 90% of it is available in digital format.” Experts also agreed that digitalization must enter both manufacturing and services, but everything must be convenient for business and people.

According to the survey results, restricting the shadow economy sector will lead to higher incomes for people and to the reduction of unfair competition.

Date: 13.10.2021

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