If the recovery plan is not submitted to the EC in time, Bulgaria risks losing ground, according to Maria Mincheva

The new parliament, regardless of its configuration, must not allow a suspension of the funds in support of the business. Instead of introducing new measures, companies need more consolidation and simplification of the current ones, Mariya Mincheva, Deputy Chair of the Bulgarian Industrial Association stated during her interview on Bloomberg TV.

"We have witnessed how extremely slow things tend to happen through the operational programs - literally 7-9 months pass until a company receives the liquid support it needs to repay debts and maintain normal operational activities," she explained.

According to Maria Mincheva, similar delays are noticed in the granting of benefits in support of employment.

"There is also a difference in the deadlines for granting the various measures," she added.

In connection with the deadline for submission of the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, the Vice President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association commented that if the Plan is not submitted to the European Commission on time, Bulgaria risks losing positions that are not enviable, compared to other European countries.

"April 30th is an important date because it sets the start of the two months for EC approval of this plan, based on which the European Council can adopt a decision on implementation. If this decision is granted, then the parties can receive a 13% advance payment for their projects," Mincheva explained.

"In other words, we can receive these funds in August," the guest concluded, adding that the plan is almost ready and if there would be any changes, it would be delayed by months.” 

Date: 20.04.2021

Source: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

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