Vice president of BIA and member of Group 1 Employers of the EESC - Mariya Mincheva, visited the students from “St. St Cyril and Methodius High School” in Yakoruda as part of their preparation program regarding the annual youth event of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) – “Your Europe, Your Say” (YEYS). Yearly, 16-18-year-old students gather from the EU Member States and other candidate countries in Brussels, where they actively draw up resolutions which are then passed to the EU institutions. These resolutions contain their ideas, proposals, and hopes for their future as European citizens. All secondary schools in Europe can apply for the program and select three pupils to participate in the YEYS event.

Your Europe, Your Say! is the annual youth event of the EESC. It started in 2010 intending to connect young people with the European Union. The YEYS 2021 edition will display an international climate-change conference (COP). Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the event will take place online. The students will discuss their fresh ideas on how to deal with the current climate crisis and how to get closer to meeting the 2050 climate-neutral goals. Their task will be to represent a sector and conduct negotiations with each other; their goal is to come up with recommendations on how to prevent climate change. These recommendations will be submitted to international environment policy-makers and discussed at conferences in Europe throughout the year.

Congratulations to Ms. Tanya Kundeva-Dimitrova, an English teacher, who's students will take part in the event for the second time.

Date: 23.02.2021

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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