Date: 08.02.2021

Source: BNRBulgarian National Radio

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How can you secure your personal time in these conditions?

Over 50% of Bulgarians have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. 25% of the companies have introduced flexible working conditions and plan to maintain them even after the crisis blows over.

These new relationships between employers and their employees require new regulations and the development of a new culture of "shutting down from work" to protect employees' personal time.

Will there be a balance between the employee making full use of his/her work time at home and the employee not being available all 24 hours a day?

The benefits of traditional work, when the workday ended with the office door closing, are already outdated. In the digital world, we must learn to keep our personal time away from our work commitments, without neglecting them in the time allotted for work. This is the advice Maria Mincheva from BIA provided. This is important given the fact that about 63% of employers intend to rely on flexible working conditions after the pandemic is over.