Today, November 4th, 2020, an The Management Board of BIA held an online meeting.

The Management Board of BIA adopted amendments to the Statute and to the Rules of the Arbitration Court (AC) at BIA. In addition, Prof. Ganeta Minkova and Yavor Notev were elected members of the Presidium of the AC at BIA. Attorneys were elected as members of the Arbitration Board. Emil Emanuilov - partner in JSC "Kamburov and partners", lawyer. Stefan Georgiev - managing partner in JSC Georgiev, Rusinov and Co., and attorney. Petya Murgova - Managing Partner of JSC Murgova and Partners.

The members of the Management Board of BIA discussed the proposals of members of the Association concerning the National Plan of Bulgaria for Reconstruction and Sustainability, as well as information about the negotiations on a Tripartite Agreement for a mechanism for determining the minimum wage for the country and at the industry level.

Five companies were approved as full members of BIA at today's meeting of the Management Board:

  1. "Dio Foods" Ltd. with subject of activity - production of humus, production of foodstuffs. Dio Foods Ltd. works in the field of production of healthy and clean food. The company is popular under the Sweet Twins brand.
  2. "Museum of Illusions" Ltd. with subject of activity - museum activity, organization of events. The Museum of Illusions in Sofia opens its doors in early 2020. It is a non-standard space of 400 m2 and is divided into several halls: a historic hall with various paintings, a hall with optical illusions, a room with phosphor, etc.. In it, visitors lose sight of reality and immerse themselves in the world of illusions.
  3. "Bank Tech Sys" Ltd. with subject of activity - production of machines with special purposes - development, planning, production, installation, maintenance and trade of any type of banking equipment and such related to banking or payment operations / hardware and software /, offering and providing services with such equipment, renting the same, providing and producing consumables therefor.
  4. "Valchevi Trans" Ltd. with subject of activity - domestic and international transport, forwarding and transport transactions; passenger and freight services in the country and abroad; tourist, hotel and restaurant activity; accounting services; accounting advice. The company was registered in early 2019.
  5. "Eleonore" Ltd. with subject of activity - real estate - evaluation of real estate and commercial enterprises, tourist information site. Eleonore EOOD has been developing its activity since 2015, preparing an assessment of fixed and short-term tangible assets, assessment of the capital of commercial companies, assessment of investment projects; the company carries out real estate transactions, management and business consulting, information services, advertising.

Date: 04.11.2020

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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