Date: 29.08.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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On August 29, a meeting with a business delegation of the Chinese company "Alfa Bus" was held at the Bulgarian Industrial Association, accompanied by the Bulgarian Trade and Economic Adviser to STEV Beijing - Stoyan Nikolov.

The visit was initiated by the Chinese side, in conjunction with the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility - IKEM, a member of the BIA.

The delegation included ALFA BUS President Huang Kun Da, Jianhao Wan Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Wong Executive Director and others.

The company is certified to European environmental standards and approved by the EU. It has already introduced its intelligent systems in Italy and Spain.

The meeting was attended by BSC Secretary General Dobri Mitrev, Ivan Kostov - Secretary General and Member of the Board of IKEM, Veselin Hristov - Business Partner of IKEM.

The main topic of the conversation was Chinese interest in the possible production of electric buses in Bulgaria. The company is exploring the market and readiness of the local industry, as well as the full range of components related to the production and trade of electric buses. “ALFA BUS” aims to expand its activities and transfer its experience to electric mobility in Bulgaria.

Serious intentions have been announced for significant investments in the production of electric buses. Information was exchanged about the investment climate and the degree of development of the electromobile market in Bulgaria, the industrial opportunities, the regulatory framework, etc.

"ECEM has a history of over 10 years. As a representative branch organization for electric mobility, ECEM welcomes the interest shown by ALFA BUS in manufacturing in Bulgaria. Our country has a tradition in such industries, and for more than 140 years, over 140 members and partners have been working together to advance the country's electromobility, ”said Ivan Kostov.

In addition to the huge and invisible volume of work to promote the use of the ENP and charging infrastructure in Bulgaria, thanks to ECEM, new training specialties were introduced, new economic codes for professions, important changes in the regulation and standardization were made, a number of preconditions for development were created. of this new economic sector - Electric Mobility.

ECEM declares its readiness to cooperate actively in the process of seeking opportunities for the production of Alfa Bus electric buses on the territory of Bulgaria.