Date: 25.06.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Dear friends,

Once immersed in the deep waters (the first issue of “Noblesse oblige” was dedicated to the World Water Day), the natural direction of movement is to look up at the sun.

Summer is ahead of us, and so is the World Day of Solar Energy!

The Noblesse Oblige team has looked for all aspects of energy to give you the second issue of the Bulgarian Industrial Association’s (BIA) edition. I am tempted to recall the arguments put forward by BIA under the current Energy Strategy of 2011, as well as the new National Climate-Energy Plan by 2027. Over the years, our battles with the Brussels administration have been numerous for the increased greenhouse gas emission ceilings. BIA also played a crucial role in the fair distribution of greenhouse gas emission allowances in 2007-2012, which gave a chance to develop more than 140 enterprises in the energy, metallurgy, chemistry, cement, pulp and paper and other industries.

I believe that once the second issue of the magazine is in your hands, you have found your place in the sun of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. You breathe more freely, as you have contributed to the state budget (the 18th of May was Tax Freedom Day) and you are preparing for a further dose of unpredictable duties that the administration has prepared.

We tried in this issue to look for good examples in the Bulgarian business, to systematize the useful information and the new stars that you do not suspect, but who are launching Bulgaria into space.

You will have the opportunity to look behind the Kozloduy NPP fence, to sit on the student bench, alongside the staff preparing for the energy sector, you will be able to dive into the depths of the Maritza basin and find out where the energy comes for the young people, who have returned to Bulgaria and established their own business.

In this issue you will get acquainted with the first honorary members of BIA: Dimitar Dimitrov - Managing Director of Heineken International since 2016, Jean-Marie Standart - Honorary Delegate of BIA at BusinessEurope, Ignat Kanev - Honorary Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria to Canada, internationally known for his philanthropy and merit, Fil Filipov - owner of factories in Germany, China, Mexico, France and Bulgaria, Shevket Chapadzhiev - the richest Bulgarian emigrant abroad, owner of one of the largest printing companies in the United States.

We have also given special place to our newest members – Japan Tabacco International Bulgaria EOOD (JTI), Danlex EOOD, Here Europe BV - Bulgaria, TECH-CO Ltd., Company for international congresses Ltd., REISSWOLF Bulgaria, Union of Accountants in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Association for Business Software Development, Interactive Advertising Bureau Bulgaria (IAB Bulgaria).

Nobility obliges me not to give out everything from the beginning of the issue, but to wish you a pleasant reading, with gratitude for the trust and wishes for sunny days!

Enjoy reading!

Radosvet Radev

President of BIA