Date: 22.03.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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The first issue of “Noblesse Oblige” magazine is here

On 22 March 2019, the first issue of Noblesse Oblige magazine, published by BIA, will be distributed among the Association’s members.


We live in a digital world and everything is just a click away: the new friend, the old classmate, the dinner, the phone bill, the credit, even you, at this moment.

Technologies have given us a lot and have taught us to share. We have the news, music, pictures, even memories, but have learned from that noble act of sharing, in the full sense of the word - to reveal intimate thoughts, to give out from our hearts, to share experience to one another.

This issue by the Bulgarian Industrial Association is about sharing. It comes at a time when the Bulgarian entrepreneur faces the unpredictability of tomorrow, but he has to stick to strategies for long-term development. It comes at a time when business is a bad word, labor does not grace man, and the popular perception of an employer is close to being a slave worker. But the magazine comes to show that there are entrepreneurs who succeed in honest and hard work, develop, and have the awareness for their employees, society and what is left behind.

As an employers’ organization with long history, we are bound to share good examples and look for ways to provoke more and more, because privileges go with responsibilities ... NOBLESSE OBLIGE (“Nobility Obligates”).

It is distributed free of charge to people who deserve it ...

We chose the March 22nd - World Water Day for the magazine’s birthday, and dedicated our first issue to it. We have the secret hope of walking on water, but also the ambition to tell you about all the more and less familiar aspects of this vital resource.

The next issue, which is already under preparation, will be released in June. It is dedicated to the issue of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security.