Date: 12.04.2019

Source: Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

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The second edition of the National Beer Academy was officially opened with a special event of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB). The pleasant occasion brought together representatives of the media, the scientific community, as well as the directors of the national brewing associations of the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary.

The leading presenter was Dr. Petar Nedyalkov, Professor at the University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv. The expert presented the requirements for the storage of beer, which preserves its beneficial properties and organoleptics. He also shared the basic steps in the adoption of the “golden beer label”, starting with the knowledge of the different beer styles, the ways of pouring and tasting beer.

Dr. Nedyalkov pointed out that beer is a low-alcoholic beverage, a product of fermentation and is traditionally made from whole natural raw materials - water, malt, hops and beer yeast. They have proven nutritional properties rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, salts and fiber. It is the characteristic qualities of the beer ingredients and the peculiarities of the technological process that make it possible to produce more than 55 000 brands and more than 100 types of beer according to the so called “style” of beer. An interesting fact is that beer contains nearly 900 compounds that determine the specifics and character of the beverage.

During the event UBB representatives announced that Bulgarians still prefer the beer produced in the country. This choice is conditioned by the traditional variety of assortments, tastes and high quality of the category, guaranteed by modern technologies and practices. In 2018, beer consumption per capita in Bulgaria is 75 liters or 150 standard beer bottles. 93% of the beer tested in the country is manufactured by UBB members.

“The voluntary commitment of the EU industry to provide food information on beer labels is a great achievement for Bulgarian brewers. Almost 100% of the beers produced in Bulgaria have a list of ingredients on their labels and 98% of the calories. This gives us one of the leadership positions in the report of the Brewers of Europe “Proud to be transparent”, said Dr. Nedyalkov.

“The National Beer Academy continues this year with a series of initiatives aimed at expanding the knowledge of beer and modern beer culture. One of the most important things is to provide information on the category and the technological progress in the brewing industry in a transparent manner, with scientific evidence and facts, but in an understandable and popular way for the end user,” said Ivana Radomirova, Executive Director of UBB.

About the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria:

The Union of Brewers in Bulgaria is the representative organization of beer producers in the country “Bolyarka – VT”, “Britos”, “Zagorka”, “Kamenitza”, “Karlsberg Bulgaria”, “Lomsko pivo”, “Dorovski Invest” and their suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

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