Date: 22.01.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Bulgaria’s new ambassador to India, Eleonora Dimitrova, visited BIA today and spoke with the Association’s President Radosvet Radev and Veselin Iliev, Director General for International Economic Relations.

Among the discussed topics were the opportunities for intensifying the economic relations between Bulgaria and India. It was emphasized that the statistics show almost negligible trade turnover (about 400 million BGN a year), which has the potential for expansion.

The capabilities of Bulgarian producers to meet the quantitative criteria of the vast Indian market are limited and often even impossible, but there are potential niches where home production can be competitive and sought after. For example, Bulgarian manufacturing machinery can be of interest, as only 5-6% of India’s agricultural output is processed and the food industry in the country is yet to develop.

Opportunities for cooperation in the field of pharmacy, construction of sports facilities, cinema industry and tourism (especially corporate tourism) are also unused, it became clear during today’s meeting.

Ambassador Dimitrova called for targeted meetings with members of BIA prior to her departure to Delhi, with the purpose of studying potential trade and investment interest in Bulgaria.

The participants in the meeting agreed to actively exchange information of mutual interest.