Date: 23.10.2018

Source: Focus Agency

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“Around 200 000 pieces of fiscal equipment have to be replaced and the rest need software update”, said for Radio “Focus” the financial director of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Stanislav Popdonchev regarding the new requirements for cash registers in Bulgaria. He explained that the changes are needed due to the concealment of turnover mainly through software. „The regulation provides that at the moment a loophole is detected in the functionality of this software, the National Revenue Agency will send a message to each user of the software, that this person has drawn up an act which, respectively, during the period of appeal of this act, if any, and after its final entry into force will send a second message that traders must immediately stop using such software on their premises. This, on one hand, creates uncertainty in software developers, and on the other hand, creates uncertainty for software users, because whatever investment they make, they are not sure at what point it may turn out that even the newly purchased software will not meet the requirements,” Popdonchev explained. He added that the problem lies in the timing of deploying such software and calculating business costs. He added that by the end of this week, on NRA’s website there will be information to allow software developers to see if they meet the requirements of the regulation on the use of cash registers.