Date: 20.02.2018

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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"Machines are empty". In short, the situation on the labor market in the region of Shumen was discussed by the participants in a discussion forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce - Shumen on February 19, 2018. The main topics for discussion were the need to ease the regime for hiring foreign workers and the infrastructure development of Northeastern Bulgaria.

The discussion was attended by representatives of the Shumen district, Shumen District Governor Stefan Zhelev and Deputy Regional Governor Petko Sharenkov, Mayor of Shumen Lyubomir Hristov, Rector of Shumen University "Ep. Konstantin Preslavski ", representatives of the local business and of the regional structures of CITUB and CL" Podkrepa ".

In the context of the issue of labor shortage, a study of the needs of employers by labor force under the Employment Promotion Act and the amendments to the Labor Migration and Labor Mobility Act were discussed.

Regarding infrastructure development in the region, the participants in the discussion called for an accelerated construction of the Hemus motorway as an important prerequisite for the development of the business in Northeastern Bulgaria.


Meeting participants:

Nikolay Tonchev - Chairman of the Board of Directors of SC-Shumen
Nikolay Nikolov - Executive Director of SC-Shumen
Valentin Varbanov - Member of the Management Board of SC-Shumen, owner of "Telepol" AD
Iliya Popov - Member of the Management Board of SC-Shumen, Manager of Popov & Co Ltd.
Rumyana Georgieva - Member of the Management Board of SC-Shumen, Manager of ET "Eli - Rumyana Georgieva"
Lenin Penev - Manager of Roulen Ltd.
Prof. Georgi Kolev - Member of the Managing Board of SC-Shumen, Rector of Shumen University "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski"
Danko Dobrev - Member of the Managing Board of SC-Shumen, Managing Director of Bars AD
Todor Todorov - Member of the Management Board of SC-Shumen, Procurator of Vinex Preslav AD
Martin Marinov - Manager of "NES" Ltd.
Dimitar Alexandrov - Member of Parliament (GERB)
Emil Dimitrov - Member of Parliament (United Patriots), Chairman of the Commission for Monitoring the Revenue Agencies and Combating the Shadow Economy and Smuggling
Ivan Ivanov - MP (BSP for Bulgaria), replacing the Delegation of the Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Southeast European Co-operation Process
Nigyar Jafer - Member of Parliament (MRF), Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly
Rumen Genov - Member of Parliament (GERB)
Prof. Stefan Zhelev - District Governor of Shumen District
Lubomir Hristov - Mayor of Shumen Municipality
Eng. Mashka Krumova - Head of Department "Organizational-methodical activity and control" at RMS-Shumen
Svetlana Mileva - Head of Regional Health Insurance Company - Shumen
Stoyan Obretenov - lawyer
Sonya Varbanova - President of SRC Podkrepa - Shumen
Aneta Deneva - District Coordinator of the Regional Council of CITUB
Dobri Mitrev - Deputy Secretary General of BIA
Miroslav Tonchev - Chief Director of Regional Organizations at BIA