Date: 02.08.2017

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

Readed: 2028

The Bulgarian Industrial Association warns of activation and diversification of frauds based on "inclusion" in various European and world business registers. Typically, Bulgarian companies receive an e-mail or through regular mail an envelope containing an invitation for joining European or world business reference books for obtaining a European business or VAT number. The invitation text suggests unpaid benefits. Somewhere in small print it is indicated that the signing of this application binds the company to pay a considerable amount for a year, two or three. There are a lot of fraudulent forms, blanks and fake applications, and almost all of them have European P.O. boxes.

List of fake application forms:

  • BMS / XL Media
  • BPS (Belgium Packet Service)
  • Call Center Vlaanderen BVBA 
  • Construct Data
  • Custom Contact Nederland (
  • DAD - Deutscher Adressdienst / Registre Internet belge
  • Easy Pages Ltd / European www register
  • Edition Hekking Cornélis
  • EMS European Marketing Service -  Pages Jaunes Belgique
  • Euro Business Guide
  • Euro Business Register
  • Euro Media Conseil / Ema Web Vision
  • European City Guide
  • European Business Number
  • Expo Guide
  • GCS - Global Call Services
  • Global Earth Register
  • Globe Trade Control
  • Guide pour la ville
  • Index-Entreprise / Etude Grivière SAO France
  • Inet Biz Solutions
  • Intercable Verlag
  • IRD
  • MCF - Services des Professionnels
  • MCH Printing Services / International Publicity Services (IPS)
  • Media Belgique Design
  • Media Connect
  • Media Group Vlaanderen
  • Media Print
  • Media Service AS
  • Media Service Verlag
  • Nederland Media Register
  • Nouvel annuaire / Belga Marketing / Internet Bedrijvengids / Annuaire pro / Bedrijvengids Belgie
  • Pan World Life
  • Print Media Group / Plan de ville
  • Publi Trends
  • Registre des Branches professionnelles
  • Service-pro / Eurl Media Press
  • TM - Collections
  • TVV - Tele Verzeichnis Verlag / Portail des Entreprises
  • Uitgeverij Vilain  
  • United Lda / Nova Channel / Temdi / Med1web
  • Unitel Nijmegen B.V.
  • Webdirect
  • World Business Guide
  • World Company Register / World Company Directory
  • WZD - Wolf SW / Banque Centrale des données économiques
  • Yellow-Pages
  • Zoom Trends SL

The most important thing is not to sign and send such applications. If you inadvertently do so and receive an invoice for payment, please contact:

Vesselin Iliev, Director General, International Economic Relations Center

Phone: 02 932 0954