Date: 28.10.2014

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10 political priorities should lead the new European Commission and President Jean-Claude Juncker to improve the investment climate in Europe and encourage job creating entrepreneurship.

BUSINESSEUROPE President Emma Marcegaglia said: “Europe is at a cross-road and at the beginning of a new European political cycle. President Juncker should give a clear priority to competitiveness, to well-targeted investments and insist on reforms. This is the best way to bring more work places to the 25 million unemployed people in Europe today. “

BUSINESSEUROPE Director General Markus J. Beyrer added: “The Juncker Commission should focus on competitiveness and should fully embrace the objective of generating at least 20% of EU GDP in industry by 2020. We need an ambitious trade agenda, better governance and competitive energy prices”.

In its message to the new Commission published today BUSINESSEUROPE identified the 10 priorities for the Commission to work on and 10 actions urgently needed within the first year:

  1. Put in place the new structure of the EU Commission swiftly to better coordinate the actions of all Commissioners and prioritise competitiveness in all new EU proposals from day one.
  2. Present the announced European investment plan, better access to finance and an efficient Banking Union.
  3. Fully embrace the objective of generating at least 20% of EU GDP in industry by 2020.
  4. Present a flexible EU 2030 energy and climate legislative package, adaptable to the outcome of the international negotiations in Paris in 2015, reform the post-2020 EU emissions trading system and stop carbon leakage.
  5. Work towards the conclusion of an ambitious TTIP agreement including a state-of-the-art mechanism to protect investment.
  6. Follow on the review of the Europe 2020 strategy and improve economic policy coordination.
  7. Strike the right balance between protection of citizens’ privacy and free flow of data when defining the long-term strategy for the digital single market.
  8. Build consensus on a European framework for national labour market reforms aimed at increasing growth and job creation.
  9. Deliver the better regulation agenda without delay and improve impact assessment, taking into account the cumulative effect of legislation.
  10. Spell out the overall vision of where to take the EU by 2020.