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Major accents

- Macro environment: Scenarios, fiscal policies, interest rates, crisis response tools and liquidity provision. Governments, central banks and policies to restart economic life as a key factor for recovery.

- Capital markets: How risky are the assets in real estate in time of global uncertainty and are trends expected to change in key markets? What are the prospects for the different market segments?

- Тhe epidemic crisis affects the office space market in Bulgaria and in particular - Sofia. Models of reaction and adaptation.

- Financing: Banks and investors point of view - expectations, financial instruments and credit restructuring models. What will happen to interest rates and funding requirements for real estate projects?

- What will be the impact of the extraordinary market situation on the different segments of the real estate sector - residential, office space, shopping malls, hotels, logistics and industrial real estate?

- Force majeure, emergency situation and termination or renegotiation of contracts - expert view and models for dealing with specific legal cases in the industry.

- How will the co-working sector respond to the risks imposed?

- What are the features that provide stability and flexibility to the residential projects?

- What are the main pillars of the residential market to deal with the emergency situation

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BalREAct #Action in crisis Investment & real estate market conference Bulgaria 2020