Enterprises, universities, government agencies and other similar organizations from the Balkan area, active in the food and beverages sector, are invited to the B2B networking event which is organized by PRAXI Network, co-ordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas on the 8th July 2016, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event takes place during the "1st Inter-Balkan Forum", organised by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with TIF-HELEXPO, at the congress center "Ioannis Vellidis".




The event aims to support the cross-border business coloration in the Balkan area by:


  • providing a platform to the participants to promote Food and Beverage products
  • bringing together policy makers and entrepreneurs to identify investment opportunities
  • promoting the exploitation of research results


Who can participate?

  • Producers of food and beverage products
  • Universities / Research centers dealing with food science and technology
  • Government Agencies and policy makers

Who can participate?


The event addresses participants from Greece, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.



1st INTER-BALKAN FORUM  B2B Networking Event