Membership of the Association of Bulgarian Employers (AOBE) national representative employers' organizations, organized the Second Round Table on the possibility of recovery, long-term economic growth and employment in

Republic Bulgaria, on14.12.21011 (Wednesday) from 14.00 to 17.45ch. in BIA (Alabin 16-20, 1st floor, conference room).

The meeting is a continuance of the first discussion on the topic, which should be held on09.12.2011, in connection with the study "Short and long term opportunities for recovery, economic growth, employment and accelerated development of Bulgaria" - Effects of global economic crisis on the Bulgarian economy and employment prospects for short-term rehabilitation and alternatives to economic growth in Bulgaria in the context of accelerated development and strategy "Europe 2020", carried out with the support of the International Labour Organization, Geneva, Sector Employer organizations.

In this regard, we invite to your representatives and leading experts to participate in the discussion and presentation of formally expressed and / or expert positions on issues and put forward proposals for measures and policies.

To register please complete the attached form and send it tel 02/9320941 not later than 12.12.2011g. (Monday).


Second Round table regarding recovery options, economic growth, employment and catch development of Republic of Bulgaria to the year 2020