Dr. Polina Karastoyanova
Managing Director
+359 2 9714461


Naonal Board of Tourism is a non-profit organizaon with 10 years of history, which represents and defends the interests of the leading companies - investors in the tourism and related business acvies in Bulgaria, which represents significant part of the GDP. In overall business, the organizaon has always enforced for statehood and sound economic sense.

NBT was the first naonal cross-sector interest group with the aim of improving the quality of naonal tourism standards and communicaon between the brands. The associaon serves as a unique plaorm uning all stakeholders of the Bulgarian tourism industry across country. This includes, for instance, hotel and restaurant facilies, tourism complexes and resorts, associaons, and scienfic instutes. The second main task of the associaon will be the further development of the internaonal relaons with other non-profit organizaons of the European and world level. The objecve is to achieve beer communicaon with the world experts and professionals in the field of tourism, more transparency with regard to consumer protecon and a fairer compeon in European and World tourism.