The BIA has sent a letter to the Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Vulchev with proposals for major changes in the educational system.

1. Suspension of the state’s desertion from fulfilling its constitutional obligation to cover all adolescents up to 16 years of age in the education system.

We are pointing out the significant share of early school leavers – more than 23%, the functionally illiterate – over 40%, according to the PISA test results.

The application of various instruments should be extended, including such as social assistance and opportunities of the so called “boarding school education”.

The necessary funds should be provided in order to ensure the mastery of Bulgarian language by all students, who are completing a primary education degree and of one main Western language when completing a secondary education degree.

The refusal to solve these problems condemns the further development of the economy and society.

2. To radically change the approach towards the implementation of vocational training through the use of apprenticeship contracts instead of training sessions and school practices. To provide additional funding for mentor training and job openings by the employers.

3. To review the accreditation system of higher education institutions and universities (currently more than 50) to improve the quality of the learning process and the R&D capacity. To introduce a ban on a second employment contract for the main teaching staff and to increase the requirements for the habilitated staff. To link the funding to the current and future needs of the economy and society.

4. To provide additional funding for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences while simultaneously reform the R&D financing system.

5. To introduce an electronic educational and qualification profile of Bulgarian citizens through the integration of the registers and information systems maintained by the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.    

Proposal for major changes in the system of education
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