In the past few years amendments to the legislation on the determination of “domestic waste” tax have been blocked in line with the amount of collected and treated waste and the European “polluter pays” principle. Thus the problems with separate waste collection and recovery have been deepened together with the overlapping financing of the same activities and the increase of corruption practices. There is also a risk of significant sanctions application on the part of the EC regarding the current widespread and domestic waste management system, which will be imposed on all taxpayers.

In this regard, we suggest that an updated draft of the Local Taxes and Fees Act is immediately submitted by the Ministry of Finance, while taking into account the proposals of the AOBE, which were presented in the course of the public consultations.

The timely update and adoption of the bill by the Council of Ministers and the 44th National Assembly will provide conditions for the fair determination of “domestic waste” tax and solving the accumulated problems in the management of domestic waste and implementation of the new legal framework by the municipalities from the beginning of 2018. 

Letter to the Ministry of finance on changes of the basis for determination of “domestic waste” tax
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