Taking into account the unprecedented political crisis that led to a complete collapse of confidence in the state system and state institutions,

Guided by the understanding that the achievement of social goals and solving problems of businesses and workers require dialogue and rational decisions, not an end in itself opposition and intolerance, leading to dissatisfaction and tension

  • we remind that politicians are elected by the people to serve him - a function which performance is now completely replaced by the pursuit of narrow partisan and corporate interests.
  • we condemn the behaviour of the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces that pile up social tension and doom the economy to stagnation, and the society to hopelessness and poverty.
  • we call parliamentary parties to respect the principles of parliamentary democracy and to justify the confidence of the sovereign by ending the “quorum” games and return to the plenary and to focus on the important legislation in order to ensure the stability of our economy.
  • we insist on the:

1. Political parties represented in the National Assembly and the European Parliament to reach an agreement by August 5, 2014 on the following issues:

1.1. Major energy projects;

1.2. Partnership Agreement for the period until 2020;

2. Parliament, within the period until August 5, 2014 to suspend consideration of all bills except:

2.1. decisions, ensuring the necessary financial sustainability in health and energy sector and guaranteeing the binding of the retirement age growth with the growth of life expectancy, and reserving the right to early retirement of category workers from 1 January 2015;

2.2. all acts related to statutory requirements of the EU;

3. Government:

3.1. cross in the bud any attempt to financial destabilization in the country;

3.2. to present a report of the financial situation of the country at the beginning and end of its mandate;

4. The President of Bulgaria to ensure the establishment of a provisional government, equal distanced from all party, corporate and lobbying interests, as well as from the presidential institution,


4.1. to ensure fair and transparent elections, financial, economic and social stability of the country;

4.2. to accelerate the preparation of the draft state budget for 2015 and the Partnership Agreement with the Commission on the budgetary framework for 2020 and the corresponding Programmes.

5. Tribunals to apply the full force of the law in identifying and preventing any attempts to destabilize the economy and the country.

6. Politicians, public figures, experts and journalists to stop any public appearances that fuel social tensions.

The social partners are united also about the need to make further actions if the politicians fail to take the necessary measures. 

Declaration adopted by all the national employers' and trade union organisations
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