BIAnet – The Internet Centre of BIA was established in 1997. It is specialized in securing technical and conceptual solutions for all needs of contemporary electronic communications, electronic commerce and Internet, presentation of business and commercial organizations. 

The BIAnet services are in full conformity with the requirements and the preferences of the customers:

  • Product design and development of web pages;
  • Registration and maintenance of domains and corporate electronic mails;  
  • Web – hosting – publication on the web site of the BIAnet’s server;
  • Advertising and promotions in Internet.

We secure 24 hour access to your web site through reliable high- speed connections for the Bulgarian and global Internet space.

Your web site will be under continuously monitoring and protection on our server thanks to our highly qualified specialists using modern technical equipment and technologies.

Optical connections are used to the British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, PanTel Telecom and others as well as for one-way and two-way satellite channels.

Among the clients of BIAnet are: Pension Insurance Fund- Saglasie, Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria, Foundation Eyes on Four Paws, and other institutions and organizations.

All web-sites, which are designed, developed and maintained by the BIAnet’s team, you can examine on

BIA is certified under the information security system ISO / IEC 27001: 2013:

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