MyCompetence contains the following:

  • Professional standards and competence classifiers (sector models) for over 20 economic sectors;
  • Over 1 800 competencies and 9 000 behavioural indicators drawn from the practice;
  • Workplace behaviours which can be observed and measured in order to testify to the level a given competency is mastered;
  • Descriptions of the requirements for 460 key positions;
  • Methodological guidelines, competence classifiers, platform for developing company competency profiles and competence assessment cards for key job positions;
  • Self-assessment tool and various competence assessment tools (specialized tests and questionnaires);
  • E-learning platform encompassing over 20 online courses;
  • Links to similar systems, classifiers and generic libraries of competencies in other countries;
  • Sector analyses of the technological development trends and human capital current state;


Potential users of MyCompetence are:

  • Employers, managers and human resource management experts who would like to enhance their companies’ effectiveness, competitiveness and productivity by implementing a competence-based approach to management;
  • Employees who would like to assess, compare and develop their competencies in accordance with the employers’ expectations;
  • Career development seekers who could undertake a self-assessment in order to define their professional aptitude for a given job;
  • Students who would like to learn the requirements and assess their suitability for a given position in a given sector;
  • Training institutions (vocational schools, universities, VET centers and other learning providers) which could compare their syllabi and educational standards with the actual expectations and requirements of the business to the training of key job holders.


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